This is my ignite website,  I have been working on video/ photo creation and editing over the last few months and it has been something I have really enjoyed doing. I was really surprised me how far along I have come, I now feel 10x better at doing this compared to when I  first started.



Reflection 1:

I am extremely excited to begin the new ignite unit. I think it is a great idea to allow students time to work at their passion, I for sure will enjoy seeing all the progress i make over the coming months. I am hoping to learn how to utilize greenscreens through editing, as it has always been something that I have been interested in.

Reflection 2:

I have been very productive in these first few weeks of ignite, i have planned the pathway i wish to explore and

believe that it is time to really start digging in to it and create. I plan to start of by just seeing what i am feeling, likely just  playing around on photoshop. 

Reflection 3:

I have really been enjoying ignite this term, it has really allowed me to expand my skill and passion of editing/ creating. I am very keen to see what I can accomplish heading into these holidays, I have a lot of big plans. I feel like I will end up working on this, this doesn’t  feel like a chore  to me, it has been something I have really enjoyed.

Final Reflection:

Overall ignite was a unit I will always value, the freedom given to the students is so impactful on peoples passions. For me ignite was not a work unit, I always found myself working extra time into the nights, saying just a little bit longer then proceeding to work another hour.